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Our evaluation scheme
At Gyan Disha, we believe in child centered education where the curriculum developed is as according to the needs and the surrounding environment. We select books and learning materials which are suitable for the children. To add fun and joy in learning, we use learning materials, craftwork, practical experiences in the curriculum. This enriches the experiential learning of children and thereby helps the teachers.
In our evaluation scheme, we use sheets made by us. We also use audio-visual for evaluation. We have developed activity sheets at school for different classes as per their needs and use them for both teaching and evaluation.

Our classrooms
Our classrooms are equipped with proper ventilation, air conditioners, and study tables for children, learning materials, wall charts and decorative materials. We ensure safety within the class, proper cleanliness is ensured in every class. Outside every class, we have put plants to let children feel close to environment.

Our way of teaching
With a teaching ratio of 12.25 in the year 2015, we ensure that a teacher give good amount of time to each child’s development. She/he takes care of individual needs of each child in academics, physical, social, personality and other related needs. This way, we are able to achieve the individual needs. She guides the child by being with her.

We have maintained the age old cross legged pattern of sitting arrangements
Vision & Mission
“Empowered children who are creative thinkers, leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow”

---“Development of whole child education through active engagement with each child, research based curriculum and appropriate environment for healthy learning.”