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Gyan Disha offers good educational facilities and ensures its continuous maintenance and development. Sitting in the heart of deserts of Rajasthan, we have ensured a green campus, which is cleaned regularly. We support an education system that lays emphasis on practice-oriented learning. The focus is on motivating students to explore new ideas and learn by doing.

Gyan Disha School facilities are one of the basic educational requirements, and it is necessary to maintain safe and high-quality school facilities from the perspective of maintaining and improving educational levels in line with the developmental stage.

Gyandisha's facilities include:
Library :
The Foundation of wisdom flows through Books. The habit of reading enriches one’s knowledge. Some books entertain, others instruct, still others elevate our nature. Books bring to your side the comfort of your home, a liberal education, entertainment and counsel of the greatest men the world has ever seen. They tell us about the great discoveries and inventions and progress of our world in Science & Medicine, History, Culture and Values of Civilization, and the shapers of History.
The School inculcates the habit of reading through the extensive use of the library facility. We have arranged a varied subjects-based library which has general knowledge, artwork, science, environmental science, stories, poems and other reading materials.
Sports :
A ground with all amenities ensures good exposure to Sports and Athletics. Intensive training facilities are available for athletes. School offers an athletic activities, various sports and indoor games for the children. It also provides an Indoor play area for carom and chess enthusiasts. Annual Sports Day is well appreciated by students, parents and well-wishers. We ensure proper exercising and physical activities for children. Every Saturday is exercise day wherein children enjoy and maintain their health.

Merit Certificates are awarded to those who distinguish themselves in sports and games.

Music :
It is the very important to add music in the education system of these children and that is the reason that we have introduced music in the education of kids. Our music section has more than 15-20 instruments which are being regularly utilized by the children. Keyboards, drums and other percussions, wind instruments and string instruments are part of our music library. We also use audio-visual equipments for teaching music to the students.

We organize various programmes and stage performances for these children. We further award merit certificates to the children.

Want to share your birthday with the needy ones
We have tied up with Satya Sai School for blind and deaf children, Barmer which further carries down various programmes for special children. You can help by contributing for various project funds. This all can be done when your little one is celebrating his/her birthday.
Celebrating various events
We, at Gyan Disha, celebrate most of the events throughout the year. We celebrate festivals, national days and events. We believe that it is very important to ensure that a child understand every festival and event and enjoy the same.
Practical approach in teaching
We have arranged various learning aids and equipments to ensure practical approach in teaching. To add to that, there are small projects at school level for ensuring practical approach.
Vision & Mission
“Empowered children who are creative thinkers, leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow”

---“Development of whole child education through active engagement with each child, research based curriculum and appropriate environment for healthy learning.”