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Our Philosophy
Every child is unique : Each child has a unique brain network that shapes she absorbs and responds to stimuli. One way of teaching does not work for every child. We need to teach the way they learn, not force them to learn the way we teach.
Education should foster real understanding : Understanding is different from acquiring information. Mere acquisition of information relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity. We help children make meaning of life and develop the muscle to lead life effectively. For this, we go beyond academics to include life skills, values and habits.
Real understanding comes from an integrated approach- : Gyan Disha school believe that schools must be vibrant centres of learning. Which is why education is not limited to academic excellence, but also extends to life enriching fields like music and sport.
   We believe that students learn best under an atmosphere that is open, caring and conducive to learning. And that, collaboration between students, parents, teachers and management can together build communities, strengthen educational opportunities and develop strong value systems.It not only imparts academic, but also co-curricular, society, environment &personal education to develop leaders for tomorrow.
Vision & Mission
“Empowered children who are creative thinkers, leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow”

---“Development of whole child education through active engagement with each child, research based curriculum and appropriate environment for healthy learning.”