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Our work
We provide a broad, balanced, challenging curriculum which will enable children to develop the skills, abilities and qualities of thought which will include:
1. The ability to communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of ways and contexts;
2. An understanding of the application of mathematical ideas and the ability to use them in various situations;
3. An appreciation of the concepts of time and place and an understanding of the factors influencing the development of the human and natural world;
4. The ability to analyze and solve problems; seeking and interpreting appropriate evidence, considering and applying solutions;
5. Ability and physical co-ordination, confidence in and through physical activity, and the ability to express feeling through movement;
6. The ability to acquire information from a variety of sources and to use it effectively, including Information Communication Technology;
7. Imagination and sensitivity, which will be developed through creative and expressive experiences.
8. Help children develop as individuals and achieve a measure of self- discipline preparing them for their continuing education and equip them for adult life.
9. Promote equal opportunities for all children.
10. Encourage parents to visit and play an active part in their children’s education and in the life of the school.
Vision & Mission
“Empowered children who are creative thinkers, leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow”

---“Development of whole child education through active engagement with each child, research based curriculum and appropriate environment for healthy learning.”