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Gyan Disha School is one of the projects of Gyan Disha Vikas Sanasthan with the aim of development of whole child education. By the project, Gyan Disha School has started an institution practising whole child education.
Journey so far
Gyan Disha School came to existence in the year 2011-12. The school started with one student and currently have hundred students in its fifth year.

Vision & Mission
Curriculum and Affiliations

“Empowered children who are creative thinkers, leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow”

“Development of whole child education through active engagement with each child, research based curriculum and appropriate environment for healthy learning.”

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Gyan Disha offers good educational facilities and ensures its continuous maintenance and development. Sitting in the heart of deserts of Rajasthan, we have ensured a green campus, which is cleaned regularly.We support an education system that lays emphasis on practice-oriented learning.

The focus is on motivating students to explore new ideas and learn by doing.

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Quotation: “A school is a place where one learns about the totality, the wholeness of life. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but a school includes much more than that. It is a place where both the teacher and the student explore, not only the outer world, the world of knowledge, but also their own thinking, their own behaviour.”
J Krishnamurti

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